Hello Summer! The sun is out and it’s time to show some skin. What about your hair? No, you don’t have to hide your curls this time! This month’s kit is all about overcoming your summer hair struggles by bringing you the healthiest, most nourishing and perfect styling Haute goodies!

  • A Leave-in Conditioner that detangles hair, leaving it soft and shiny
  • An Edge Glue that controls and conditions unruly edges
  • A Conditioning Treatment that strengthens hair and prevents damage
  • A An Edge Gel that creates smooth hairstyles and provides perfect hold
Say Yes now to July CurlKit and enjoy the season with natural luxury without breaking the bank!
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Reviewer: Nadine Harbin from Brooklyn, NY United States

I love this shipment. What a great value. I always wanted to try the Amla line. So happy to receive a box of the whole line. Full size bottles of the shampoo, conditioner, full size everything to do a compleate hair treatment from start to finish. No sample size here. I can't wait to try tommorow. Plus a full size detangling comb. This box made me happy that i subscribed to CurlKit.

Natural OG

Reviewer: Annette Samuels from Vista, CA United States

OMG!!!!! Loving his box, I washed my hair and condition last night using the U R curly, and the Curls r US leave in, U r culrly curl enhancer. Product are light, smell goo!!! Great leave-in, curl enhancer is real light, and packet of conditioner too small for mu thick 3c hair, but great product, shampoo is invigorating to my scalp. All these products I haven't tried but wanting to, been interested for a while, such a great value!!

Jun Kit

Reviewer: from Humble, TX United States

I had heard great reviews about curl kit. I received my July kit and having the privilege of sampling before buying is really great for me. Now instead of shopping for new products, I'll look forward to my monthly curl kits.

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Our Price: $25.00/1 month(s)

Stock Status:In Stock

Product Code: 2